Read Our Home Purchase Checklist

Post Closing Checklist
You've just closed your house purchase -- Now what? Of course there's the packing, unpacking and decorating. This checklist will help you stay on track.

Determine your moving needs, including:

Get the names and addresses, payment dates, account numbers, and amounts you have to pay for your mortgage, taxes, condo maintenance, and utility charges.

Create your change of address notification list, including:
The post office
Doctor and dentist offices
Benefit providers
Magazine subscriptions
Auto and home insurance

Change your driver's license and registration information with the Department of Motor Vehicles. Failing to do so could incur a fine.

Get to know your neighborhood: the closest grocery stores, pharmacies, police and fire stations, hospital. Ask your realtor or loan officer for recommendations for veterinarians and other professionals.

Call your local government office to identify garbage and recycling days.

Change the locks, or at least the tumblers, on all doors.

Consider upgrading the locks to deadbolts for greater home security.